Response to easing of Kings Cross restrictions

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We support Sydney continuing to evolve in a safe manner and we support the Government’s 24-Hour Economy Strategy.  In fact, since inception in December 2014, our Take Kare Safe Space program has played an integral role in keeping people safe at night, having assisted over 72,000 people in the Sydney CBD and previously in Kings Cross. So, Sydneysiders should be confident that as long as the Take Kare program continues to receive funding and is able to operate from appropriate locations, Sydney’s safety is significantly improved.  Stay Kind calls on the government to confirm long-term funding for this program as part of the 24-Hour Economy Strategy.

The Take Kare Safe Space program is a community-based program that operates on a Friday and Saturday night from 10pm to 4am and provides a safe place for young people to charge their phones, get first aid (if needed), find transport home, rehydrate or re-connect with friends. Our Take Kare Ambassadors, largely made up of volunteers also rove the streets of Sydney CBD, identifying and providing much needed support to vulnerable people at risk and are in constant contact with emergency services should they be required.  A recent UNSW evaluation identified that for every $1 spent on the program, the benefit to the government and community at large was (on average) $3.25.  This return on investment, is very high for a community-based program and warrants further investment.

The Stay Kind Board