31 days, 31 kind acts

Imagine doing something kind every day in July

Kind July is an annual event where you do a simple act of kindness every day in July.

Imagine being that person who makes the world a kinder place. You can be that person. That’s why the Stay Kind movement is encouraging you to join us in July to do something kind each day.

Your kind actions matter. They could change and save lives.

Kind July is a legacy of two young men who unnecessarily lost their lives through unkind actions. Thomas Kelly and his younger brother Stuart both lost their lives in July, 4 years apart, when they were 18 years old.

Be part of creating a kinder world.

We’re encouraging you to stay kind every day

Imagine how you feel when someone is kind to you? Did you know that staying kind triggers powerful positive feelings in you? So, it’s not just the receiver who benefits! Here’s some inspirational kindness to get you started.

Make some tea

Imagine making tea for a mum who has a lot to do. You can be that someone.

Compliment and listen

Imagine listening when a friend needs you. You can be that someone.

Plan a Kindness Brunch

Imagine planning a Kindness Brunch and celebrating kindness. You can be that someone.

Invite and share

Inviting and sharing Kind July with all your followers. You can be that someone.

Get Ready for Kind July 2023

Explore what you can do as part of Kind July

Register for Kind July and plan your very own Kindness Brunch. Join other Australians celebrating this Kind July.

Be inspired by our special guests in our Stay Kind Conversations series.

Find resources aimed at helping you achieve your Kind July goals.

Make a difference

If each of us in Australia was to pledge to do one act of kindness, that would be over 25 million additional acts of kindness. Make your kindness pledge today. 

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