Australia's Kindness Brunch

do something kind every day

Your Kindness Brunch

Invite your friends, family, neighbours or someone who may be vulnerable and lonely. Don’t forget to think about your work and school colleagues and friends too.

Organise your kindness brunch between 14-16 July and help make our country kinder.

How does Australia’s Kindness Brunch work?

This Kind July we’re encouraging people across Australia to gather friends, family, workmates, neighbours to indulge in Australia’s Kindness Brunch

It can be as simple as grabbing a sandwich and a cuppa with another person.  Or maybe you want to take someone out for a brunch, such as Yum Cha? The choice is yours. It’s all about the connection and conversation, the gift of time, if you can’t be there in person you can do it virtually.

What is the purpose of Australia’s Kindness Brunch?

Australia’s Kindness Brunch brings Australian’s together in a caring and compassionate manner through a kind gesture that is not complicated but at the same time very powerful. It also helps raise awareness about the importance of kindness and our connection with others.

We’re on a mission to reduce violence, hazing, suicide and bullying abuse among young Australians and the wider community. We’re more determined than ever to keep our youth safe through building a kinder Australia.

With your help at events such as Australia’s Kindness Brunch, we are contributing to Australia being kinder.

How do I host Australia’s Kindness Brunch?


Choose your date and invite your guests

The official date is Friday July 14 to Sunday July 16. 


Start planning your Kindness Brunch

Get ideas and recipes from Host Resources.


Cook up your favourite foods. Or go out for brunch.

Spread kindness regardless of where the brunch may be


Share the kindness on social media

Inspire others to connect over brunch and share kindness.

All about brunch

Everything you need to know about brunch.

Brunch is a combination word from breakfast and lunch. Coined by the British in the late 1800s, brunch is often eaten between breakfast and lunch time. Brunch is usually associated with the weekend, maybe because we can sleep in a bit longer on these days. An Australian Brunch can be anything. We have such rich and diverse cultures there are no barriers to what you might like to do.  There are heaps of ways to do brunch. A picnic in the park, café style, indoor dining, BBQ style or even breakfast with lunch flair. Buffet style is a favourite as the host gets to have more fun!

Brunch is often served between 10am and 2pm and many people use it as a substitute for breakfast and lunch. Restaurants and cafes often have brunch menus which are more substantial than breakfast but not as formal as lunch. If you’re holding your own brunch, try a buffet. Picnics are another great way to do brunch.

Brunch usually has sweet and savoury dishes – pancakes, French toast, waffles, ricotta toast and honey, for example. Eggs in various form make a big appearance on a brunch menu. A classic brunch dish might be Eggs Benedict. While a cuppa with some cake or a bickie may not be strictly a brunch, at the end of the day the most important thing is to make time for each other, share some food and have a conversation.

Like kindness, the options and creativity are endless. Often served as a buffet, you might bake muffins or scones, beat up pancakes, serve toast, bacon and eggs, smoked salmon, crushed avocado, mushrooms, and more. Fresh sandwiches, scones, fruit salad and yoghurt are other options. You might try dim sum at home for your own Yum Cha. For a more sophisticated brunch, this might be accompanied by drinks such as Mimosas (prosecco with orange juice), Virgin Marys (tomato juice, spices, lemon juice, olives and celery), fruit juices, tea and coffee.  Let your imagination run wild or keep it simple. Brunch is breakfast with a lunch flair or as simple as you like.

Send an invitation with a link to the online video conference platform you use (Zoom, Microsoft teams etc) to your guests.

Decide on an activity you might want to do, such as talking about what kindness means.

Email the resources needed for the activity you want to complete.

Ask everyone to bring their chosen brunch dish to the meeting.

We have a Kind Zone where you can find resources to inspire you. You will find our Kind July calendars for daily acts of kindness to do in July among other inspiration resources.

Our conversations with kindness champions will be available to listen to and share. You might decide to theme your brunch on the word kindness and share the love on social media.