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Creating a brunch board

Some of us are not morning people and finding the time to cook a full meal for guests may not be your cup of tea. That’s where make-ahead recipes are handy.

Putting together a brunch board – a platter of simple dishes – is one fuss-free entertaining option to try. Guests can pick and choose from what’s on offer on the board and make their own brunch plate.

Brunch board options

Something sweet: locally baked muffins, croissants, Danish, donuts. Probably best bought on the morning of the brunch. Crumpets, waffles and bread for toasting might be bought the day before. Toast and serve with your favourite jams and spreads.

Eggs: pre-boil eggs and serve shell peeled cut in half and sprinkled with fresh pepper or prepare a bowl of scrambled egg.

Bacon: fry up some bacon strips and put on a plate with some brown paper underneath to absorb oil. You could substitute smoked salmon for the bacon or serve sliced ham. For those of us who want something less meaty, try ricotta and tomatoes or crushed avocado with a squeeze of lemon, salt and pepper.

Yoghurt: serve little pots of yoghurt drizzled with honey and decorated with cut fruit, berries.

Seasonal fruit: decorate your brunch board with fresh fruit pieces, strawberries, grapes, etc.

Our Kindness Brunch Recipes

You might want to try these great heart-warming recipes and add them to your brunch board or serve them individually to your guests.
If your work or school has planned a Kindness Brunch, muffins are a great option.

Kindness Brunch themes

Consider a theme for your brunch around the word kind.

  • You might only have food that begins with K. There are some fun ones you can include, like Krispy Kreme, Kiwi fruit, kidney beans, Kit Kats, Kippers.
  • Perhaps you can be kind to your guests’ health and fix fabulous nutritious healthy dishes.
  • You could decorate your brunch using the letter K.
  • Why not use our Kindness poster resources and Kindness Challenge calendar, which has examples of acts of kindness people can use for inspiration every day.
  • Get your guests involved with a bring your own plate. Co-ordinate with guests what you will provide and what they might like to bring.

In the end, simply holding a brunch for family and friends and colleagues is an act of kindness.

Stay Kind favourite brunch foods

Our Stay Kind Ambassadors and friends have some favourite foods they like to eat and serve at brunch.

Why not try them for inspiration.