Pledge kindness

One pledge of one act of kindness by each of us would be 25 million acts of kindness in Australia.

do something kind

Our Kindness Wall

I pledge to do the daily acts of kindness from the kindness jar!
I pledge that I will work on being accepting and kind towards myself and others through being thoughtful and brave.
I pledge to be kinder to myself to be able to be kinder to those around me!
To collect non perishables to provide to homeless and vulnerable families we support
I pledge to be kind to myself, so I can spread kindness to others and to check in on friends and family more regularly.
I pledge to do a kind act each day of July
I pledge to take time out regularly throughout my day to reflect on what's occurring around me, be available to those in need.
I pledge to approach everyone with the love care, and respect that I would a close friend.
I pledge to be the best version of myself, inspire others to do the same. Kindness if priceless and free to do each day, go on try it.
I pledge to be kind first, always, even in small ways towards others and towards myself. We need more love, peace and kindness in the world.
I pledge to initiate more face to face conversations this July, to actively listen and lift people up by making them feel seen.
I pledge to be kind to create a kind and positive environment for not just my wonderful colleagues but also for myself.
I pledge to love for others what I love for my self, to actively safeguard children from violence, abuse, by providing safe environment.
I pledge to be patient with all the people I encounter, so that they can know they are valued and that they are seen.
I pledge to stay kind and look out for opportunities each day to be kind no matter how big or small.
I pledge to spread kindness to those in need
I will treat everyone the same, no one is different we are all the same. Love One Another.
i will be kind to all my friends and family and teachers
I want to help and be kind to each other. and hang out with friends I don't usually hang out with
I pledge to help anyone who are struggling, and do it without hesitation.
Showing and treating everyone with kindness especially if you don't know them.
i Will be kind to my sister Beth and my mum and dad
i Will be kind to my sister Beth and my mum and dad
I want to be kind to others
I pledge to offer a smile to someone each day.
I pledge to do all the good I can to everyone I can at all the times I can.
As a mother, partner, friend, co-worker, daughter and aunt I pledge to be kind, empathetic, to always listen with intent and act when asked.
I want to protect those who are struggling in life, those who have lost their way and their will to live. They need people to help them
I want to embrace the kindness shown by others, passing it on in order to promote a safe and loving environment at my school.
I always strive to be kind to others, and to spread kindness at school by asking my students to say positive and kind things to one another
I’m committed to showing kindness to the retail staff who work so hard on their feet all day to serve us customers.
I just pledge to be kind always and treat people in the way that I expect to be treated…..with kindness
I pledge to be a happy and kind influence in the staffroom ALL week!
I will always thank people always for the support that they give - whether it be big or small.
I pledge to educate our world on how to be more inclusive and support those to understand how we can make a big difference in their lives
I pledge to offer kindness and assistance to people in my community.
I pledge to share kindness to others and assist anyone who is need in the community.
I pledge to be mindful and always stay and play in the moment when with my niece and nephews
I pledge to make some kind gestures in my local community. Kind words and deeds and I will put on a bbq.
I pledge to create more kindness around me.
I pledge to create more kindness around me.
I pledge to bring as much kindness as I can to my world in July and tell everyone about Stay Kind whenever I can!