Samantha and Brian

Samantha & Brian

Youth Kindness Champion

Who are Samantha & Brian?

Samantha (12) and Brian (10) are from Toowoomba.

Samantha was gifted the book “Be the Change in Your Community” which started of her kindness journey. Samantha is hopeful of other kids to become aware of her kindness projects and inspire other kids to be the change in their community.

Brian wants to show kindness because of the kindness he feels from his family. He is saddened seeing people less fortunate especially homeless people. Brian wants to give back and show kindness to others and see a change.

How are Samantha & Brian spreading Kindness?

Some of Samantha and Brian’s Stay Kind actions in 2021 were:

  • Giving flowers out to the nurses at the Toowoomba Base Hospital
  • Making Easter egg baskets for their neighbours and children on their street
  • Donating the money from their recycled bottles to a international organisation called SA Cares for Life

Samantha and Brian’s Stay Kind plans for 2021-2022 are:

  • Attach $1 coins on parking meter boxes for people to use with a card
  • Help grocery shoppers push their trolleys to their cars and return it to the trolley back after
  • Continue their recycling bottle project