Transport Gets On Board This Kind July

Public transport customers are being encouraged to promote compassion, caring and generosity, both on and off the network, to mark the month of Kind July.

Minister for Transport and Roads Andrew Constance said during another round of COVID 19 restrictions, it was more important than ever to show kindness to others.

“The pandemic has been really tough on us all. It’s during these tough times that we really need to reach out to each other and show support and compassion,” Mr Constance said.

“So while we originally planned to focus on transport customers, given the restrictions and the huge drops in patronage, we’re now encouraging everyone across the state to do something kind each day for the month of July.”

Minister for Regional Transport and Roads Paul Toole said even the simplest of kind acts could make someone’s day.

“Whether it is helping a parent get a pram on to the bus, or smiling at those who are waiting at the platform – there is no act of kindness too small,” Mr Toole said.

“We’re also encouraging kindness towards our staff who spend every day working on the frontline providing a service to get customers where they need to go.”

Kind July is the initiative of charity organisation Stay Kind, formerly the Thomas Kelly Youth Foundation, a social movement that promotes harm reduction and encourages Aussies to carry out acts of kindness during the month.

Transport for NSW will be supporting Kind July by lighting up the Sydney Harbour Bridge tonight and with a range of message across the Sydney Rail and Bus networks.

Director and CEO of Stay Kind Ralph Kelly said we need kindness now more than ever.

“Australia has been hit hard with drought, bushfires, floods and is battling the ongoing impact of COVID. We can never know what someone else is going through and each one of us can easily champion kindness in day to day life,” Mr Kelly said.

“I lost two sons because of unkind behaviour. Australia needs people to look out for each other, to show kindness and understanding to create a safer and happier environment for everyone.

“Kindness is proven to be also contagious, so if everyone injects a little kindness into everyday life, we can impact the life of many and leave the world a better place.”

Secretary of Transport for NSW Rob Sharp said the values that form the keystone of Kind July align with the values held at Transport for NSW.

“Public transport brings thousands of people together every day, and it is our purpose to make sure everyone can access this public transport safely and without harm,” Mr Sharp said.