Celebrating Newcastle’s Kindness Champions

Wow! We had such an inspirational and uplifting day in Newcastle yesterday. If you remember we were in Newcastle on World Kindness Day for the 50 Hearts project with our local Community Kindness Champion Michelle Boundy. Michelle developed the “50” projects concept for Newcastle, raising awareness around Stay Kind and the importance of kindness.

Novacastrians were invited to nominate 50 local champions of kindness. With the support of some of the Newcastle business community and our kind sponsor Anthony Foate (Catalyst Legal) we celebrated three special nominations that demonstrate the heart of Newcastle and it’s caring community.

Glen Crompton, Margaret Crompton, Anne-Marie Green, Keith Harris, Jane Harris, Steve Neeves and the late Louise Neeves. This group of friends became a kindness power group raising funds and supporting various charities until impacted by COVID.

Newcastle East Public School. Young Ned Handley, student, nominated the Newcastle East teachers for their kindness and caring of students. We know how hard the pandemic impacted schools, teachers have been called upon to go above and beyond. It was wonderful to see such genuine appreciation for the kind actions of the team at Newcastle East Public School who continue to consistently and meaningfully care for their students.

Young Xavier Neil was introduced to supporting community when he participated in Surfebruary with his dad raising funds for the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse in Sydney. Xavier knows that it takes a lot to cure cancer and so he has continued raise funds for this cause. Xavier and his mum were making soaps and candles at home and from here Good X Karma was born. To date Xavier with the support of his family has raised over $75,000.

A special thank you to all our World Kindness Day nominees whose kind spirit comes to life through your actions.

Photos courtesy of the generosity of Mick Loxley photography.