Pledge kindness

One pledge of one act of kindness by each of us would be 25 million acts of kindness in Australia.

do something kind

Our Kindness Wall

I pledge to bring as much kindness as I can to my world in July and tell everyone about Stay Kind whenever I can!
I want to create a safe and kind environment with my children, siblings and work place.
I pledge to leave the world a kinder place. To practice kindness to my family, friends, the Community and myself
I pledge to listen and relate with each person that I speak with and ensure that I try to see things from their point of view
I pledge to give a compliment to at least 3 people each day throughout July.
I Value Kindness 💕 To Be Kind Is To Care To Care Is Respect So I Pledge To Love,Care and Be Kind Unconditionally 💕Forever and Always
I Value Kindness 💕 To Be Kind Is To Care To Care Is Respect So I Pledge To Love,Care and Be Kind Unconditionally 💕Forever and Always
I pledge to be kind, always, in all situations and towards every human being. We need more love, peace and kindness in the world 🌎 🙏 ❤️
To support one family everyday for 31 days in July who want to better understand their Testing, Tricky or Terrific Toddler.
I pledge to be kind and caring to the loved ones, appreciate what they have supported me everyday.
I will celebrate all of the achievements for each team member within my team achieves with the entire team & ensure that they feel proud
I pledge to be kind and aware and to listen
I pledge to show my gratitude and appreciation towards others for their efforts 👌
I pledge to not only to help some of Australia's most vulnerable in my job everyday but also to help anyone I see that is in need of help.
I pledge to encourage and support my friends, family and work colleagues with my words and actions.
I pledge to always be kind to others, smile at strangers, love my family and friends, and teach my children to be kind, always. 💜
I pledge to praise and thank my friends, family and colleagues and to share the Stay Kind message with them ♥️
I want to buy someone a coffee this month/give someone a compliment…..
I pledge to share kindness and help to be someone who makes someone smile everyday
I pledge to stay kind to anyone I make contact with, as I do not know their personal circumstances.
I pledge to share the Stay Kind message while being kind to and supportive of others but also by working on my own self care.
I pledge to practice self-care every day this month
I pledge to stay sober and be with my nephews and niece as much as possible to show them that I love them
I want to support the ALNF (Australian Literacy & Numeracy Foundation) and all that they do for Australians throughout the nation
I pledge to be kinder to others, mother nature and myself. Let's leave this world a kinder place
I pledge to be there for my friends, family, colleagues and strangers in need when they need a kind ear and a warm hug.
I pledge that I will find the positives in all aspects of life this month and share joy in any way that I can.
I pledge to be kind and see the kindness in other's actions. To be the change and see the change within the world
i want a kinder future for my daughter and the next generation, and more to come xx
I pledge to continue to share kindness and "Be the change" I wish to see in the world ❤
I pledge to seek opportunities for kindness within my home, workplace, team and community.
I pledge to see the positive intent behind peoples actions.
I pledge to do what I can to make others smile, to treat them with respect and kindness and start a ripple.
As a high-school teacher and leader, I pledge to create an environment where kindness and acceptance are the norms for each young person.
I pledge to spread kindness to my family, friends, colleagues and patients
I pledge to be kind and actively look for ways to improve the lives around me through small and big gestures.
I want to be kind to our customers in our shop
I want to create an open and accepting workplace free from negativity.
I pledge to spread kindness to my family, friends, colleagues and the patients I work with.
I will be kinder to everyone I get in contact with throughout July
I pledge to listen deeply to all people in my life, particularly those who need help. Then, most importantly, I pledge to act by helping.
I will pledge to spread kindness to as many volunteers at our local unit of Marine Rescue Shoalhaven bu holding a thankyou bbq